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The Iceman Cometh

The Iceman Cometh


by Eugene O’Neill

Harry Hope Timeline and Summary

  • Harry sleeps off his hangover, and then anxiously awaits the arrival of Hickey who is coming to celebrate Harry’s birthday.
  • Put off by Hickey, Harry yells and complains about his party, only to quickly say he’s only kidding and that he’s real thankful for everyone being there. 
  • The birthday toast makes Harry cry.
  • Despite his looming fear, Harry ventures outside for the first time in twenty years.
  • Minutes later, Harry returns, saying he almost got run over by a car. 
  • Blaming Hickey, Harry claims the booze has been tampered with and can’t get him drunk anymore.
  • After it comes out that Hickey killed his wife, Harry realizes life can go back to the way it was. 
  • Harry leads the group in a celebration at the end of the play.