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The Iceman Cometh

The Iceman Cometh


by Eugene O’Neill

The Iceman Cometh Language and Communication Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Act)

Quote #1

LARRY: By God, Joe, you’ve got all the beauty of human nature and the practical wisdom of the world in that little parable. (1)

As much as Larry philosophizes, he recognizes that sometimes the simplest language or story can help answer the larger questions in life. Maybe that’s what makes him a real philosopher after all. What do you think, is Larry a 1912 down-and-out Descartes?

Quote #2

WILLIE: Speaking of whiskey, sir, reminds me—and, I hope, reminds you—that when meeting a Prince the customary salutation is “What’ll you have?” (1)

Willie uses language to maintain a sense of his cultured past, while fully realizing his current state. Also, there’s something really funny about a guy talking like this in a total dump.

Quote #3

LEWIS: My dear fellow, I give you my word of honor as an officer and a gentleman, you shall be paid tomorrow. (1)

What does Lewis’s use of language have in common with Willie’s? What does “tomorrow” really mean for the regulars at Harry’s?

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