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The Idea of Order at Key West

The Idea of Order at Key West


by Wallace Stevens

The Idea of Order at Key West Resources


Can't Get Enough of "The Idea of Order at Key West"?

Here is a link to some smart people talking about the poem. If you click this, you truly are headed off the deep end.

The World According to Wallace

Check out these quotes from Stevens. He has something to say about, well, everything.


This is a great tribute site (of sorts) to Stevens, called "Friends and Enemies of Wallace Stevens."


At Long Last: Wallace-Vision

This one-hour video includes footage of Stevens' hometown, as well as interviews with neighbors and coworkers. VH1's Behind the Music it ain't, but it is an interesting look at Stevens from different perspectives.

A Snippet of Order

Here's a scenic video, starring just part of the poem.


Wallace-Inspired Tunes (Top 40, it's not.)

"The Idea of Order at Key West" was the inspiration for this piece by American composer Robert Erickson. Do you think Wallace would have liked it? We think it's hard to dance to.

The Man Himself

Before you listen, try reading the poem aloud yourself. Maybe you can give Wallace a run for his money! Or maybe not.


Pensive Wallace

Here's the most iconic image of the man.

...And Much, Much More!

You asked for it. Click the link to see Wallace as a boy, young man, old man, with his wife, with his daughter, with his house—you get the picture. (See what we did there?)

Articles and Interviews

Hey! Shmoop Isn't the Only One that Likes this Poem.

Art critic Peter Schjeldahl seems to really dig this poem.

Wallace on Wallace

This 1954 article from The New York Times gives a glimpse into Wallace the man—including a bit about his eating habits. Apparently, he rarely ate lunch. Not us. The only way we miss lunch is if we eat brunch—twice!

That's All He Wrote…

Take a look at Wallace Stevens' obituary from The New York Times.


Now That You've Conquered "The Idea of Order at Key West"…

Hey! Great news! Stevens wrote a whole book of these really difficult poems! It's called—wait for it—Ideas of Order. While this particular book is out of print and will run you about $195, you can check out some Stevens collections here.

Movies & TV

Thirteen Ways… To Make a Low-Buget Movie

It looks like some folks made a $4000 homage to one of Stevens' most famous poems, "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird."

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