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Idunn (Idun)

Idunn (Idun)

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Idunn (Idun) Photos

Official Portrait
Official portrait of me and my darling husband, Bragi. [Bragi sitting playing the harp, Iðunn standing behind him by Nils Blommér, 1846]

All in a Day's Work
Check me out, distributing my immortality-bestowing apples to the gods. How's that for power? [George Percy Jacomb-Hood: frontispiece to The Tragedy of the Norse Gods by Ruth J. Pitt; T. Fisher Unwin, 1893]

A Tribute
I'm a pretty popular subject for statues on Middle Earth. This one's in Denmark, and I think I look lovely. [Ydun by H.W. Bissen, 1858 (at the Ny Carlsberg Gallery, Copenhagen)]

Now I Know Why...
…that creep Loki was always following me around: because he was trying to help Þjazi kidnap me! [Loki and Idun by John Bauer; in Viktor Rydberg, Our Fathers' Godsaga, 1911]

Possible Book Cover?
I'm thinking of using this picture to depict the moment of my kidnapping for my book, Kidnapped! (available wherever books are sold). [E. Boyd Smith, illustration from In the Days of Giants: A Book of Norse Tales by Abbie Farwell, 1902]

My Eski
Sometimes I keep my apples in a beautiful ash wood box called an eski. How about them apples? [Frontispiece to The Young and Field Literary Readers, Book 3 by Fiona F. Hart, Ella Flagg Young and Walter Taylor Field; Ginn and Company, 1914]

A Forest Idyll
Oh how I adore lovely long days in the forest! Of course, the other gods always do manage to find me… [Idun and the Apples by J. Doyle Penrose, 1890]

Norse Family Book
I was honored to be chosen as the cover model for the Norse Family Book! [Nordisk Familjebok 1876 (first edition logo)]

How Lovely!
This adorable Swedish girl dressed up as me for Christmas. How cute is she? [Brita as Iduna by Carl Larsson; title page for the Christmas edition of Idun magazine, 1901]

Happy Reunion
Here Bragi and I reunite after my safe return to Asgard following my kidnapping. He was so happy to see me. Duh. [Idun brought back to Asgard by Lorenz Froelich; in Teutonic Mythology Vol. III by Victor Rydberg, facing page 807, 1906]

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