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Idunn (Idun)'s Wall


Idunn, where are you? Haven't seen you in ages!


I haven't seen her in several days. It isn't like her to just disappear like this, especially right before the harvest. I'm really very concerned!

Bragi, please stop by my hall to file a missing person report. Who was the last person to see her?

This morning I found three gray hairs in my comb, and Idunn and her apples are nowhere to be found! This is a total disaster.


Dear, I really think we'd better make a trip out to your most distant orchards. Wake Up Asgard is reporting a canker worm infestation near Bifröst.

Oh no, not again! We just sprayed for those pests last week!

Idunn, my sweet, if you're short of apples, I just happened to stumble upon the most intriguing variety when I was wandering through the woods recently. Really, you've never seen the like!

I must admit, I'm intrigued… I may have to make a trip there with you after I deal with these canker worms.

And bring your apples, so you can compare them.

Idunn darling, you simply must give me the recipe for that apple kuken that you served at the last harvest festival! It was absolutely divine!

Your wish is my command, my lady. I just devoted a whole blog post to it—check it out!

Oh, fantastic. I'm thinking of serving it at my next state dinner, you know.


My lady, if I sacrifice three goats to you, will you allow me to live forever?

Sorry, dear; my magical apples are only for gods. But you might be interested in my new skin-care line: anti-aging creams formulated from the mud of Iceland's youngest volcanoes. Find these and all my products at my online store, Idunn's Oasis!

I swear by the Iceland Spring elixir—it's really reduced my fine lines.

Glad to hear it! I do have an eternity of experience with anti-aging.

Life is so hectic right now! Launching my new skin-care line tomorrow, and testing recipes for next year's harvest festival… I need a vacation!

I'm in! A friend of mine highly recommends these hot springs near the Middle-Earth geyser basin.


Oooh, I've heard that those are sooo relaxing! Girlfriends getaway?

Let's do it! I could take a long weekend…

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