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if everything happens that can't be done

if everything happens that can't be done


E.E. Cummings

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if everything happens that can't be done Man vs. the Natural World Quotes

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Quote #4

we're anything brighter than even the sun (37)

The sun is the root of a lot of nature. We actually couldn't live without it. It fuels our whole world. So it's pretty cool to think that "we," who is meant to be the lovers in this poem, are brighter than the sun. While we don't think that love alone could light the world, it sure can in this poem.

Quote #5

(with a spin
alive we're alive) (42-44)

Though there's nothing specific that tells us that we're in nature, spinning and leaping and feeling alive are all things that we do outside. In fact, we think our speaker would argue that being outside makes you feel more alive than anything else you could do.

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