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If I Ran the Zoo

If I Ran the Zoo


by Dr. Seuss

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Seussy Goodness

Seussville, the official site for all things Seuss on the Internet. The sound bite for the wacky spring is a bit overused, but hey, who are we to judge?

Vacation Ventures

Thinking of visiting McGrew's Zoo? Here's its official website. Okay, fine. It's the official website of Universal Studio's mock-up of McGrew's Zoo, but it's the second-best thing.

Create Your Own Iota

Here's a link to a PDF that lets you draw your own McGrew Zoo creation. Remember, no lions or tigers or bears (too boring).

Now I Know My ABCs

The Dr. Seuss ABCs. The Iota from McGrew's Seuss gets top honors in the "I" spot.

Seuss & Shakespeare = 2-of-a-Kind

The Atlantic compare Dr. Seuss and Shakespeare. Want to know how? Follow the link.

Movies and TV

Good Luck Finding It

It once existed, but that's about all we can say about that.

The What-What Highway?

The Hoober-Bloob Highway was a made-for-TV movie from 1975. It contained some of the animals from If I Ran the Zoo, so we're counting it.


Free Tour of the McGrew Zoo

Take a virtual tour of McGrew's Zoo at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. While you may not be there in person, the up side is you can watch from an air conditioned room.

Free Sample! Yum.

Okay, maybe not as good as a Costco free sample, but it's still nice to preview the smartphone app before you buy.

The Hoobity-Bloobity Cartoon

The Hoober-Bloob Highway is a Dr. Seuss special made-for-TV movie from all the way back in the deep, dark, distant past of 1975. It features some of McGrew's creatures and other Seuss creations, too.


Dr. Seuss: Rhymes and Reasons is an epic NINE part documentary detailing the life and writings of some guy named Dr. Seuss. Whoever he was?


If I Could Talk to the Animals

Here's an audio book rendition of If I Ran the Zoo. As a bonus, it comes with Seuss's Sleep Book as well. Nice!


McGrew's Zoo

McGrew stands tall and proud at Universal Studio's take on If I Ran the Zoo.

The Future is a Tap Away

If I Ran the Zoo teaches children to read with a tap, tap, a tippity-tap.

Coveted Cover

The current cover of If I Ran the Zoo featuring the Grinch's less grinchy cousin.

Alternative Attire

An alternative cover for If I Ran the Zoo featuring everyone's favorite gene-spliced pet, the Elephant-Cat.

Ain't Love Grand

Seuss and his wife pose for the camera. Aww.

The Seuss Signature

Dr. Seuss's signature, proving you can still write in print even as an adult.

Love the Hair

Dr. Seuss as a young man back in the day. He kind of looks like Mr. Rogers.

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