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If I Ran the Zoo
If I Ran the Zoo
by Dr. Seuss

If I Ran the Zoo Rules and Order Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

So I'd open each cage. I'd unlock every pen, / Let the animals go, and start over again. (4.1-2)

Only in someone's daydream could you break this rule. Those cages exist for a reason, McGrew. Seriously.

Quote #2

I'll load up five boats with a family of Joats / Whose feet are like cows', but wear squirrel-skin coats / And sit down like dogs, but have voices like goats — (13.1-3)

In an adult's world, the rules state that these animals need to be separate. But to a child, you can mix-and-match creatures all you want. Same goes for dessert bars, socks, and sodas.

Quote #3

I'll capture a deer that no hunter would shoot. / A deer that's so nice he could sleep in your bed / If it weren't for those horns that he has on his head. (15.2-4)

Now that's creating your own rules. We've meet some hunters in our day, and that deer is going to have to be pretty cute. (By the by, it totally is.)

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