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If I Ran the Zoo

If I Ran the Zoo


by Dr. Seuss

If I Ran the Zoo Stanzas 1 – 4 Summary

  • A boy named McGrew spots the owner of the zoo. (Rhyming is easy when you pick the names of your characters!) 
  • The zookeeper seems rather proud of his zoo, with his hands in his pockets all nonchalant and that smile on his face. But… 
  • If McGrew ran the zoo, he'd make a few teeny-tiny change-a-roos. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my, they are out of fashion. Time to get some animals that are a little more hip.
  • McGrew opens the cages to bid the animals a fine farewell. Seriously, the animals just walk out. 
  • We're pretty sure this violates some zookeeper code or public safety law—not that we're the experts or anything.

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