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If I Ran the Zoo
If I Ran the Zoo
by Dr. Seuss

If I Ran the Zoo Stanzas 14 – 18 Summary

  • While in the Wilds of Nantucket, McGrew picks up a bucket of Lunks. The Lunks are lifted from their canyon home on a pulley system that seems a wee-bit dangerous for our tastes. The people notice the new zoo growing and start to wonder what he'll capture next week.
  • Next he'll get a deer. Just a deer? Oh, no, this deer is so cute that not evena hunter could shoot it. Seriously cute.
  • While he's at it, he might as well snatch a family of deer who all share the same horns. Their horns create a labyrinth pattern above their heads. He can't pass up that opportunity.
  • McGrew's next target is the Mulligatawny, a camel-like creature from the Desert of Zind. The chieftains ride the Mulligatawny, so McGrew figures he'll just have to take a chieftain back, too (by which we assume he means offer the guy a job).
  • And don't forget the Iota. McGrew could get one from North Dakota, but he's decided the South Carolina ones are much finer. Call us ignorant, but we couldn't tell you the difference.
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