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If I Ran the Zoo

If I Ran the Zoo


by Dr. Seuss

If I Ran the Zoo Stanza 19 – 27 Summary

  • McGrew's zoo is now deemed a wonder by the people.
  • But you wouldn't want to catch every animal with your bare hands. You wouldn't have any hands to bear that way. So McGrew builds the Bad-Animal-Catching-Machine. It looks like the mobile edition of the Mousetrap board game.
  • Every zoo needs creepy-crawlers. But McGrew's zoo will only have the finest bugs such as the Thwerll. It's the most depressed looking creature ever—must be because he keeps twisting up those legs.
  • He might as well pick up some bean-shooting Chuggs while he's at it. They at least look like they're having a good time shooting beans at each other.
  • And birds! Don't forget birds. McGrew travels to Yerka to bring back the Tufted Mazurka, a bird with a neck so long it takes food over a month to get to his stomach.
  • Next up, a big bug with a propeller on its head for flying from Texas to Boston in just two stops. Then McGrew will snatch up a Tick-Tack-Toe. He's a bearish-looking beast with a game of tic-tac-toe patterned into his fur. X's for the win.
  • Onward to Nantasket where McGrew will find a Gusset, a Gherkin, a Gootch, and a Gasket.
  • Which is which is anybody's guess. We think the big-eared one is the Gootch because…well, just because. McGrew hires eight Persian Princes to carry them for him but can't remember their names. That's pretty weak, McGrew. You're better than that.

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