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If I Ran the Zoo

If I Ran the Zoo


by Dr. Seuss

If I Ran the Zoo Stanza 28 – 34 Summary

  • Some of the beasts require a bit more finesse, like the Natch. McGrew hires three culinary wizards to whip up a special meal to entice the Natch from his home. Today's fine dining includes "chickencroquettes made of library paste / [t]hen sprinkled with peanut chucks, pickledand spiced" (29.2-3). Hey, don't knock it tell you try it.
  • Oh, and we almost forgot the Obsk from the Mountains of Tobsk. Boy, the people can hardly contain their excitement when he's around. It must be the combination of wild-and-wavy red hair mixed with clown feet.
  • Next up, a Russian Palooski "[w]hose headski is redski and belly is blueski" (31.2). It's a chicken with a pompadour. Enough said.
  • And just wait until you see the it-kutch, the preep, the proo, the nerkle, the nerd, and the seersucker. No, no, not that kind of nerd. This one looks like a mean, shriveled-up old shyster with a wicked mustache.
  • McGrew sets off from the Jungles of Hippo-no-Hungus for a flock Bippo-no-Bungus. Apparently, the Bippo-no-Bunguses from Hippo-no-Hungus are the best anywhere in the world. Who knew?
  • He says he'll only stop when he has captured the Fizza-ma-Wizza-ma-Dill, "[t]he world's biggest bird from the Island of Gwark" (34.5). If you can imagine a Chinese and European dragon mixture that's both furry and friendly, then congratulations, you have one heck of an imagination. Oh, and you've also pictured the Fizza-ma-Wizza-ma-Dill quite accurately.
  • When he's got that bird in the park, the people will say he's topped Noah's Ark.

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