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The Iliad

The Iliad


by Homer

The Iliad Friendship Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Book.Line). We used Richmond Lattimore's translation.

Quote #10

And the games broke up, and the people scattered to go away, each man
to his fast-running ship, and the rest of them took thought of their dinner
and of sweet sleep and its enjoyment; only Achilleus
wept still as he remembered his beloved companion, nor did sleep
who subdues all come over him, but he tossed from one side to the other
in longing for Patroklos, for his manhood and his great strength
and all the actions he had seen to the end with him, and the hardships
he had suffered; the wars of men; hard crossing of the big waters. (24.1-8)

Okay, so as you've probably noticed, it's hard to judge sometimes whether Achilleus's feelings for Patroklos fall into the category of "friendship" or something more. Either way, it's clear that spending time with Patroklos was an important part of Achilleus's day-to-day existence; with the loss of his companion, he is at loose ends and cannot move on to other activities – beyond abusing the body of Hektor.

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