The Iliad
The Iliad
by Homer
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The Iliad Love Quotes Page 4

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Citations follow this format: (Book.Line). We used Richmond Lattimore's translation.
Quote #10

'Therefore your people are grieving for you all through their city,
Hektor, and you left for your parents mourning and sorrow
beyond words, but for me passing all others is left the bitterness
and the pain, for you did not die in bed, and stretch your arms to me,
nor tell me some last intimate word that I could remember
always, all the nights and days of my weeping for you.' (24.740-745)

These lines reveal the depth of Andromache's love for her husband, Hektor. Do you think that her contrast between the strength of private emotions and that of public opinion is true of the Iliad as a whole?

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