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The Iliad

The Iliad


by Homer

The Iliad: Quotes (What was Said) True or False

1. Who said, "Poor Andromache! Why does your heart sorrow so much for me?" -> Achilleus
2. Who said, "Still I am willing to give her back, if such is the best way"? -> Agamemnon
3. Who ordered, "After once more the flowing-haired Achaians are gone back with their ships to the beloved land of their fathers, break their wall to pieces and scatter it into the salt sea and pile again the beach deep under the sands and cover it; so let the great wall of the Achaians go down to destruction"? -> Zeus
4. Who believed, "By skill charioteer outpasses charioteer"? -> Nestor
5. Who said, "I have taken away the mist from your eyes, that before now was there, so that you may well recognize the god and the mortal"? -> Athene