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The Iliad

The Iliad


by Homer

The Iliad Religion Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Book.Line). We used Richmond Lattimore's translation.

Quote #7

Friends, who are leaders of the Argives and keep their counsel:
[…] the gods have granted me the killing of this man
who has done us much damage […]. (378-380)

Achilleus gives the gods credit for the killing of Hektor. Does this seem consistent or inconsistent with his character more generally?

Quote #8

Antilochos, beloved of Zeus, come here. This is justice.
Stand in front of your horses and chariot, and in your hand take
up the narrow whip with which you drove them before, then
lay your hand on the horses and swear by him who encircles
the earth and shakes it you used no guile to baffle my chariot. (23.581-585)

Menelaos is calling the gods to function, in effect, as a lie-detector test. Generally, do you think that the gods in Homer's poem do a good job at preserving truth, justice, and the Achaian way?

Quote #9

Teukros was allotted first place to shoot. He let fly
a strong-shot arrow, but did not promise the lord of archery
that he would accomplish for him a grand sacrifice of lambs first born.
He missed the bird, for Apollo begrudged him that […]. (23.862-865)

See what happens when you don't promise to help out the gods? Teukros should have known better.

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