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The Iliad

The Iliad


by Homer

The Iliad Resources


Theoi Greek Mythology

Extensive information on gods and heroes of Greek mythology.

Outline and Timeline of Homer's Iliad

This website provides a timeline of the major events of the Iliad, showing what days they happen on, and how many days elapse from the poem's start to its finish.

Free Bilingual Text of Richmond Lattimore Translation

Richmond Lattimore's groundbreaking translations of the Iliad and other works attributed to Homer are presented with the original Greek text on alternating lines.

Pronunciation Guide for Lattimore's Iliad

Not sure how to handle Klytaimestra, Poulydamas, or Sthenelos? This is the place for you.

An Excerpt from Pope's Iliad

The British poet Alexander Pope's eighteenth-century translation of the Iliad is considered a landmark in English literature. Here's a brief excerpt so you can get a sense of its quirky rhyming couplets – and of the incredible range of interpretations translation can lead to.

Full Text

A searchable full-text version of the Iliad, in case you need to look up quotes.

Articles & Interviews

Interview with Translator Stanley Lombardo

Contemporary translator Stanley Lombardo talks about his personal relationship to Homer's work, its ongoing relevance, and the diverse influences on his translation.

Movie or TV Productions

They call this an adaptation?

No, they call it Troy (2004), though at least they give Homer co-writing credit on IMDB. Once you've experienced the real thing, you'll notice that this film takes a lot of liberties with the original story. This film stars Brad Pitt as Achilleus, Eric Bana as Hektor, and Orlando Bloom as Paris.

Helen of Troy, 2003

This TV miniseries covers more ground than just the Iliad, stretching from the beginning to the end of the Trojan War. Still, if you're looking for somewhere to get your fix of scantily-clad heroes and heroines, this might just do the trick.

Historical Documents

Was There a Trojan War?

This article by German archaeologist Manfred Korfmann summarizes the current state of archaeological evidence about the city of Troy, drawing connections to Homer's poem.


The Iliad in Ancient Greek

Professor, Homer translator, and performance artist Stanley Lombardo reads all of Book 1 of the Iliad in Ancient Greek.

More of the Iliad in Ancient Greek

Professor Gregory Nagy of Harvard University recites several selections from the poem in Ancient Greek.

Fagles Reads the Iliad

Robert Fagles reading from his translation of the Iliad, part of a radio story about the scholar's death.

Pronunciation Guide

Absolutely fantastic pronunciation guide for character names, with audio files, from the University of Pennsylvania Classics Department.

Set to Music

A very beautiful sung version of the Prooimion of the Iliad, but very brief. (You can download the entire song for a nominal fee.) This is an extremely helpful link for demonstrating the oral-formulaic tradition of this poem.


The Iliad in Ancient Greek Art

A scrolling gallery of scenes from the Iliad in Ancient Greek art. Helpful commentary explains what's going on.

Portrait of Homer

A traditional classical portrait bust of the poet.

Another Portrait of Homer

This famous portrait by the Dutch painter Rembrandt is indebted to traditional classical portraits such as the one above.

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