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Immigrant Blues

Immigrant Blues


by Li-Young Lee

Immigrant Blues Resources


The Deets on Lee

Here you can check out a brief biography of our poet, more information about his career, and a bunch of Lee's awesome poems.

"The Totality of Causes"

Take a peek at this transcript of an interview with Lee. He seems like a pretty interesting dude, if we may say so.


PBS Reading and Interview

Check out these great videos of Lee reading poems and talking about poetry in general. Hearing about poetry from a poet? Doesn't get much better than that.


"Immigrant Blues" Aloud

Hear Lee read this poem in his own slow, meditative way. His reading <em>totally</em> fits the poem.

Lee on NPR

This episode of NPR's Weekend Edition features a profile of Lee, in which he reads some of his work and talks about his ridiculously fascinating life and family.


Pic of the Poet

Here's a rather dramatic shot of our poet, looking pensive (as poets do).

Judge His Book by its Cover

And here's the cover of Lee's book Behind My Eyes, which features "Immigrant Blues." What do you make of the book's title?


Behind My Eyes

If you liked "Immigrant Blues," you just might want to check out the collection of poetry in which the poem appears.

Breaking the Alabaster Jar: Conversations with Li-Young Lee

Take a look at this collection of interviews, exploring Lee's history, poetry, writing practices, and then some. This book has got it all.

The Winged Seed: A Remembrance

In his own words: a poetic memoir by Lee. This one even won an American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation

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