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The Importance of Being Earnest

The Importance of Being Earnest


by Oscar Wilde

Algernon Moncrieff Timeline and Summary

  • Algernon plays the piano badly.
  • Algernon discusses the merits of wine and marriage with Lane.
  • Jack-as-Ernest visits Algernon.
  • Algernon discovers Jack’s secret identity and reveals Bunbury.
  • Algernon eats all of Lady Bracknell’s cucumber sandwiches, and must make excuses to his aunt.
  • Algernon distracts Lady Bracknell with his music arrangements to give Jack time to propose to Gwendolen.
  • Algernon discovers Jack’s country address.
  • Algernon goes "Bunburying" as Ernest to meet Cecily.
  • Algernon-as-Ernest flirts with Cecily and gets invited to dinner.
  • Jack discovers that the man sitting in his dining room is actually Algernon.
  • Algernon-as-Ernest sends away the dog-cart to flirt more with Cecily.
  • Algernon-as-Ernest discovers Cecily’s diary and their engagement.
  • He leaves to find out about getting christened.
  • Algernon comes back to find the girls fighting over Ernest. The truth comes out, and the girls run into the house for refuge.
  • Algernon and Jack fight over muffins after being stood up by the girls.
  • Algernon lies to Lady Bracknell that Bunbury has died.
  • Algernon watches gleefully while Aunt Augusta pronounces Cecily a worthy bride for him.
  • Algernon is introduced to everyone as Jack’s "unfortunate brother" (III.154).
  • Algernon hugs Cecily joyfully, knowing they can finally be married.