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The Importance of Being Earnest

The Importance of Being Earnest


by Oscar Wilde

Cecily Cardew Timeline and Summary

  • Cecily waters the roses.
  • Cecily discovers that Miss Prism wrote a three-volume novel.
  • Cecily lies that Miss Prism has a headache to get out of doing her German lesson. As a result, Miss Prism and Dr. Chasuble (who are crushing on each other) go on a walk together.
  • Cecily meets Ernest, who is really Algernon in disguise.
  • Cecily flirts with Ernest and promises to reform him.
  • Cecily invites Ernest in for dinner.
  • Cecily reconciles Uncle Jack with "Ernest."
  • Cecily comes back out to water the roses and ends up spending more quality time with Ernest.
  • Cecily reveals her and Ernest’s love letters and engagement, which she has recorded in her diary for the past few months.
  • Cecily reveals how much she loves the name Ernest.
  • Cecily meets Gwendolen.
  • Cecily and Gwendolen insult each other over tea once they’ve learned that they’re both engaged to Ernest Worthing.
  • Cecily and Gwendolen learn the truth from the boys—that there is no Ernest.
  • Cecily and Gwendolen retire into the house to fume at the boys.
  • Cecily and Gwendolen forgive the boys once they learn why they lied.
  • Cecily is pronounced a worthy fiancée for Algernon by Lady Bracknell.
  • Cecily and Algernon hug joyously, knowing they can finally get married.