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The Importance of Being Earnest

The Importance of Being Earnest


by Oscar Wilde

Miss Laetitia Prism Timeline and Summary

  • Miss Prism calls Cecily to her German lesson.
  • Miss Prism reveals that she wrote a three-volume novel in her youth.
  • Miss Prism is convinced by Cecily to go on a walk with Dr. Chasuble.
  • On their walk, Miss Prism tries to convince Dr. Chasuble that marriage is good—even for a clergyman vowed to celibacy. It’s obvious they’re in love.
  • Jack returns early to announce the death of his brother, Ernest.
  • Miss Prism and Dr. Chasuble grieve and give their condolences to Jack.
  • Miss Prism praises Cecily for reconciling Jack and Ernest.
  • Tired of waiting for Dr. Chasuble in the church vestry, Miss Prism comes to the Manor House, only to find an old nemesis—Lady Bracknell—waiting for her.
  • Miss Prism shamefacedly admits to her crime of neglecting the Moncrieffs’ child in his perambulator so many years ago.
  • When Jack brings down his handbag, Miss Prism affirms that it is hers.
  • Miss Prism indignantly denies that she is Jack’s mother and points him to Lady Bracknell to find out who is really is.
  • Miss Prism flies into Dr. Chasuble’s arms. They’re going to get married.