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in Just-

in Just-


by E.E. Cummings

in Just- Resources


Poems for the People

You can find Cummings and all sorts of other poets on this website, which has ordinary folks talking about which poems they like – and why.

E.E. Cummings, Artist

Cummings wasn’t just a major poet. He was a pretty intense painter, as well. Check out his works here.

Want to Know All About Satyrs?

Catch up on your balloonman trivia here:


Cummings Reads His Own Poetry

…and it’s accompanied by some strange video footage from the '20s. We can’t even begin to tell you how strange it is.

…And More of the Same

The guy who posted these videos is a serious fan. Seriously.


The BBC Catches Cummings in Actions

That’s the British Broadcasting Company, folks. And it tends to have good stuff. Check out the clip of Cummings talking about what it means for him to be an artist.


Not only is this a fabulous name, it’s also a fabulous website, chock-full of audio recordings of all your favorite sound poets.


The Man Himself

A picture of our poet:

...And One More, for Good Measure

This time he’s even holding his own sketchbook…with a painting of himself…holding a sketchbook…

Historical Documents

Cummings Interviews Himself
Not only is this "interview" a riot, it’s also a good look into Cummings's opinions about the ways that, in the end, poetry, art and life are all really the same thing. Check it out here!


Tulips & Chimneys

The collection includes "in Just-"

William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience

Cummings wrote "in Just-" as part of a collection of poetry which references Blake’s Songs of Innocence. Check them out – believe us, the poems aren’t as innocent as you might think.

Movies & TV

Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town (1967)
Star Wars fans, take note! George Lucas once directed a movie based upon a Cummings poem. Apparently it’s very, very strange…

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