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In the Waiting Room

In the Waiting Room

by Elizabeth Bishop

Youth Quotes Page 1

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

The waiting room was full
of grown-up people. (7-8)

Here Elizabeth makes a distinction between herself and the other people in the waiting room. They're "grown-ups"; she's definitely not one of them.

Quote #2

and while I waited I read
the National Geographic
(I could read) (13-15)

Elizabeth sounds like a smarty-pants here. She's not even seven years old and she can already read a magazine for adults. She seems pretty proud of this.

Quote #3

I said to myself: three days
and you'll be seven years old. (54-55)

She reminds herself of her age here as if to calm her crazy thoughts. It's like she's saying, I'm too young for such big ideas!