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by Countee Cullen

Incident Resources


The Poetry Foundation on Cullen

Check out everything you ever wanted to know about Countee but were afraid to ask.

Modern American Poetry on Cullen

This is a great resource on his poetry from the good folks at the University of Illinois.

Black Baltimore in Transition

This website looks at the history of African Americans in Baltimore leading up to the time of our poem: 1870-1920.


A Lecture on the Harlem Renaissance

This is by smarty-pants Yale professor Jonathon Holloway

Time for a Slide Show!

This video presents film, stills, and art associated with both the Harlem Renaissance and Countee Cullen.

Free Speech?

This is a home-made vid, but we think it asks some powerful questions about where we draw the line between free speech and hate speech, especially on college campuses.



Okay, so it's no Jay-Z, but this hip-hop(ish) take relates "Incident" to a racially-charged, modern-day incident: the Trayvon Martin shooting.

"Incident," Live

Check out this live interpretation by M. Ayodele Heath.


Young Countee

Looking good, Cullen!

Older Countee

Looking distinguished, Mr. Cullen.


Check out this first edition of the book where "Incident" first appeared. Ain't it snazzy?

Articles & Interviews

Cullen's Obit in The New York Times

Read it and weep—literally.

NY Writers Hall of Fame

Our dude Countee gets inducted.


Caroling Dusk

Check out Cullen's must-read anthology of black poets in the '20s.

Jean Toomer's Cane

Like "Incident"? If so, we highly recommend the poetry of Harlem Renaissance poet Jean Toomer.

Movies & TV

The Harlem Renaissance

Here's a documentary that gives some background to the time and place of Cullen's work.

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