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Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases


1. The primary symptom of Cholera is_________________.→Diarrhea
2. Bacteria and viruses are different because____________.→viruses have a genome
3. We can prevent infectious disease by____________.→vaccination
4. Sanatoriums were built in the late 1800's for people with consumption, a disease also known as ____________.→Spanish Influenza
5. Malaria is spread by____________.→Mosquitos
6. A disease that can affect humans and other animals is known as a ________ disease.→Zoophilic
7. Which of the following is the organization that oversees health and infectious diseases in the world?→CDC
8. Antibiotics would probably be prescribed if you have___________→Stomach Flu
9. What is the correct way to write a bacteria genus and species?→Vibrio cholera
10. What type of pathogen was sent in a mail terrorist attack in the United States in 2001?→E. Coli
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