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Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases: We Wish We Had Some Chicken Soup For This True or False

1. Which of the following is NOT a pathogen? -> Bacteria
2. A group of bacteria living together for a common purpose is called a _________________. -> Bug clot
3. What is a superbug? -> A pathogen that can survive radiation.
4. The bacteria in your gut are usually_________________. -> Comprised of two species
5. Which of the following is a treatment for Ebola? -> None of the above
6. The common cold is usually caused by_________________. -> Rhinovirus
7. Which is the first disease to be eradicated by human efforts? -> Smallpox
8. Which letter correctly ranks the diseases from least deadly to most deadly? -> Yeast infection, malaria, tuberculosis, HIV
9. What is a symptom of Rabies? -> All of the above
10. How many people are infected with a brain-eating amoeba each year in the United States? -> 3-5