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What are Infectious Diseases?

As you might suspect, infectious diseases are caused by things that infect or invade the body. Ten points if you knew that already (only five if you just read it a minute ago in the introduction)....


Beginner's Bacterial BasicsBacteria is one of the three domains (categories) of living things: Bacteria, Eukarya (this is the domain with plants, animals and fungi), and Archaea. The study of bacte...


Basics of VirusesViruses do not belong to any of the three domains of life. This is because they aren't considered to be living things (like vampires and zombies). They are not living because they...

Fungi and Parasite Infections

Apart from bacteria and viruses, there are other types of pathogens. They are less common than bacteria and viruses, but they can be just as deadly. The other main types are: fungi and parasites. F...

Common Mistakes

What are Infectious Diseases? Epidemic vs. Pandemic: Think about a panoramic picture. It covers a large area. A pandemic is larger than an epidemic. Also, remember that animals and other humans don...

Test Your Knowledge

What are Infectious Diseases? 1) Infectious diseases are NOT caused by:a. Bacteriab. Virusesc. Your genesd. Fungie. Parasites2) True or False: You will always know when you get infected by a pathog...

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