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by Dante Alighieri

Virgil Timeline and Summary

  • Virgil rescues Dante from three threatening animals and they begin a journey to Hell.
  • When Dante has doubts, Virgil reassures him. He tells him how he was approached by Beatrice, Dante’s crush, to help him.
  • Virgil explains the Hellgate’s inscription to Dante.
  • They see the neutrals.
  • In Limbo, Virgil meets his friends and Dante gets to meet his favorite poets.
  • He and Virgil get a ride across the Acheron with Charon.
  • They travel from the Second to the fifth circle.
  • Here, Virgil reveals the mysteries of Fortune to Dante.
  • While crossing into to the city of Dis, Dante gets angry at a Wrathful sinner and pushes him into the river. Virgil rejoices.
  • At the gates of Dis, Virgil’s "persuasive word" fails and they’re locked out of Dis. Fortunately a Heavenly messenger saves them.
  • In the sixth circle, Virgil tells Dante to speak appropriately to Farinata.
  • During a rest, Virgil explains the structure of Hell to Dante.
  • Virgil convinces the Centaurs to lend him a guide through the seventh circle.
  • While Virgil summons Geryon, Dante is sent off to meet the Usurers. He gets scared and runs back to Virgil.
  • The two of them mount Geryon and are flown down to the eighth circle.
  • Dante is mistaken for Pope Boniface VIII, his hated enemy, by the Simonist Pope Nicholas III. Dante wrathfully condemns him to his punishment. Virgil is pleased.
  • Dante cries out of pity for the Diviners, Magicians, and Astrologers. Virgil rebukes him.
  • Virgil convinces the Malebranche demons to guide them safely across the circle. They lie to him about a bridge. While they’re busy tormenting another sinner, Virgil and Dante escape. Virgil picks up Dante like a child and runs like hell.
  • While talking to the Hypocrites, they learn the demons lied to them about the bridge. Virgil is pissed off.
  • Dante and Virgil witness the horrible punishment of the Thieves. Vanni Fucci is rude to them.
  • Dante and Virgil witness the dismembered Sowers of Scandal and Schism.
  • In the ring of the Falsifiers, Dante witnesses an argument between Counterfeiter Master Adam and Falsifier of Words Sinon. Virgil rebukes him for being so petty. Dante is ashamed.
  • Virgil convinces the giant Antaeus to carry him and Dante into the ninth circle.
  • They traverse the ninth circle.
  • They witness Lucifer. He’s not that great.
  • Virgil picks up Dante and they climb down, then up, Lucifer’s body. Virgil explains why to Dante.
  • Dante and Virgil emerge on the surface of the earth.