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Inherit the Wind

Inherit the Wind


by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

Inherit the Wind Compassion and Forgiveness Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Act, Scene, Line)

Quote #1

BROWN. Lord, we call down the same curse on those who ask grace for this sinner—though they be blood of my blood, and flesh of my flesh!

BRADY. (Rising, grasping BROWN's arm) Reverend Brown, I know it is the great zeal of your faith which makes you utter this prayer! But it is possible to be overzealous, to destroy that which you hope to save—so that nothing is left but emptiness. (BROWN turns) Remember the wisdom of Solomon in the Book of Proverbs—(Softly) "He that troubleth his own house…shall inherit the wind." (BRADY leads BROWN to a chair, then turns to the townspeople) The Bible also tells us that God forgives His children. And we, the Children of God, should forgive each other. (II, I, 168-81)

Brown and Brady are both big shots among their respective religious followers, but they have very different takes on how to treat fellow sinners. This passage shows how even within Bert's group of opponents, there are various degrees of fanaticism.

Quote #2

MRS. BRADY. (Soothing) It's all right, baby. It's all right. (MRS. BRADY sways gently back and forth, as if rocking her husband to sleep) Baby…Baby…! (II, II, 820-23)

It's hard not to feel for Brady, as arrogant as he is, when he gets baby-fied by his nice wife. It's also hard not to want to vomit.

Quote #3

DRUMMOND. How quickly they can turn. And how painful it can be when you don't expect it. (He turns) I wonder how it feels to be Almost-President three times—with a skull full of undelivered inauguration speeches.

After their fierce competition is over, check out the way that Drummond himself "turns" and starts to feel for his opponent. Drummond's change of heart demonstrates how even a hardened lawyer can have a kind heart (just not when he's in the heat of battle).

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