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Inherit the Wind

Inherit the Wind


by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

Inherit the Wind Justice and Judgment Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Act, Scene, Line)

Quote #1

BRADY. […] My friends of Hillsboro, you know why I have come here. I have not come merely to prosecute a lawbreaker, an arrogant youth who has spoken out against the Revealed Word. (I, I, 420-23)

This line lets us know that for Brady, the case isn't just about some technicality in the law; it's about Justice with a capital J. It's about bringing down a man who seems to be waging a war against the Bible.

Quote #2

BRADY. […] Now what will Drummond do? He'll try to make us forget the lawbreaker and put the law on trial. (I, I, 642-43)

This is often what happens when people are put on trial for breaking controversial laws: the trial becomes not about the person being prosecuted, but about whether or not the law itself is just. Sometimes the only way to change the law is to break it, and incite a court case.

Quote #3

BRADY (Annoyed) Does Mr. Drummond refuse this man a place on the jury simply because he believes in the Bible?

DRUMMOND. If you find an Evolutionist in this town, you can refuse him. (I, II, 93-97)

Courtroom dramas give us a cool look into the inner workings of the justice system that seemed so dry in civics class. Of course, both lawyers try to stack the jury in their favor by choosing people that are amenable to their side of the case.

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