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Inherit the Wind

Inherit the Wind


by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

Inherit the Wind: Quotes (What Was Said) True or False

1. Who said, "I'm supposed to be in jail; I'd better be in jail!" -> Cates
2. Who said, "The Reverend at my left, the Mayor at my right"? -> Mayor
3. Who said, "I never knew my mother. [. . .] Is it true? Is Bert wicked?" -> Rachel
4. Who said, "Well, I sure am glad Colonel Brady didn't make a speech!"? -> Brady
5. Who said, "The boys over at the state capitol are getting worried about how things are going. Newspapers all over are raising such a hullaballoo. After all, November, ain't too far off, and it don't do any of us any good to have any of the voters getting' all steamed up"? -> Judge