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Inherit the Wind

Inherit the Wind


by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

Inherit the Wind Resources


All About Lawrence and Lee

Everything you wanted to know about this playwriting team.

The Dynamic Duo

Robert E. Lee and Jerome Lawrence make their home state proud.


They're going to put me in the movies…

The star-studded film version of the play is a classic.

And TV, too.

Just because it's made-for-TV doesn't mean it isn't full of great actors.

And for good measure…

People seem to love to make this play into a TV movie. Check this one out, too.

One for the road.

This is the earliest TV adaptation of the play. Ta-da.


Goodbye, Mr. Lee.

One of the playwrights' obituaries. Sadface.

Taking it to the Stage

Here's an article about bringing the play to life for the first time. It's pretty moving, if you ask us.


Drummond's Big Moment

From the movie, a spicy version of Drummond's frustration with the trial's proceedings.

Live in London

Check out this trailer for the play, starring Kevin Spacey, a Shmoop favorite.


Always a Critic…

While watching this review of a staged version of the play, we wonder: will critics always be critics? And we answer ourselves: yup.


Come One, Come All

Here's the awesome movie poster for Inherit the Wind.


And here's a photo from a production of Inherit the Wind, which is included in the print version of the play. Sweet.

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