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by Veronica Roth

Insurgent Questions

  1. If you were in Tris's shoes, who would you choose to align yourself with: Tobias, Marcus or someone else entirely?
  2. We wondered if Tris was a reliable narrator in the last book. What about in this one? Is she more or less reliable than she was before? Does she have a better grasp of what's happening around her, or is her situation even more out of control?
  3. Does Tris really love Tobias? Does he love her?
  4. What is the significance of the title? Is Tris the only character who can be labeled an "insurgent"?
  5. Is the faction system inherently flawed? Will things be better or worse now that it has been abolished? How would you improve the city?
  6. How do the characters from Divergent grow and change during the events of Insurgent?
  7. Who would you label as the antagonist of the book?
  8. What do you think was Jeanine's ultimate goal? Does she actually have the city's best interests at the center of her cold, black heart? What about Evelyn? Marcus?
  9. Edith Prior suggests that the world is in turmoil outside of the fence. What do you think is going on out there?
  10. Does Insurgent tell a complete story? Would you understand what is going on without having read Divergent? Is the whole book just a set-up for Allegiant?
  11. What will happen in the finale to the trilogy, Allegiant? (No reading ahead!)

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