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by Veronica Roth

Insurgent Resources


Citizen Roth

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Divergent trilogy but were afraid to ask.

Fans Know Best

If you feel like diverging from the official source, this fansite has tons of info on the books, Roth herself, and the movie adaptations.

By the People, For the People

We're not surprised that a book about factions has so many different fan sites. Here's another if the others don't give you enough of a fix.

Movie or TV Productions

Movies of the Future

If we're not living in a factioned society like Tris is, we'll be looking forward to the Insurgent movie. Yes, it already has a tentative release date (even before the first film is out) of March 20, 2015.

U R Insurgent

Not that we'd ever advocate seeing the movies over watching the books, but this website focuses more on the flicks than on the pages with lots of words. (It still has some book news sprinkled throughout.)

Articles and Interviews

Detergent of Choice

Roth's characters might be grim, but she has a sense of humor. Did she actually consider naming one of her books Detergent?

Feminist Insurgency

Katniss Everdeen. Beatrice Prior. And… the rest (Ginger? Mary Ann?). Are feminist heroes becoming more common in young-adult literature?

Dystopian Empire

If Veronica Roth were the queen of her own dystopia (or at least had a ton of cash) what would she do?



Veronica Roth talks about what faction she'd be in, in this YouTube interview about Insurgent.

This One's For You

Veronica Roth reads some snippets of Insurgent just for fans at a book signing and Q&A.


Knight of the Roundtable

Veronica Roth speaks on The Roundtable about Insurgent and the challenges of plotting out a trilogy.

Urgent Insurgency

Emma Galvin reads Insurgent with an appropriate sense of urgency.


A Brief Observation

Tris and pals scale the Hancock tower in order to spy on Jeanine. You can, too. (Scale the tower, that is.)

Merci Mart by Night

The Candor Headquarters is in the old Chicago Merchandise Mart, which probably looks a lot like this at night (although with more decrepitude in Tris's world)

Purple Prose

This Australian edition of Insurgent is a lot more… purple than the U.S. edition.

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