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by Veronica Roth

 Table of Contents

Insurgent Themes

Insurgent Themes


Unless we're talking about sociopaths, guilt is a pretty common emotion. You might feel guilty about spending too much money, eating too many cookies, or shooting your best friend after he's been b...


In Insurgent, the factions are kind of like sports teams. People wear the colors of whomever they're aligned with, and they act as though their faction (or favorite team) can do no wrong. Almost al...


The tagline for Divergent was "One Choice Can Transform You." The tagline for this one: "One Choice Can Destroy You."Yikes. That's morbid, huh? The tension in Insurgent is cranked up to eleven as m...


When the Sorting Hat puts you into House Gryffindor… oh, oops, wrong book.When the aptitude test puts you into the Dauntless faction, you might think life is all set. You get to be reckless and v...


There are tons of guns in this novel, and where you find tons of guns, you usually find lots of death. Postapocalyptic Chicago feels like a warzone at times, and death comes with the territory disp...


Sometimes the divided city feels like a really elaborate game. Everyone is divided up into five different teams, or factions, and forced to battle it out. Could everyone just be LARPing really hard...


The family is a unit. Every family has its own unique customs, mannerisms, history, and way of dealing with (and causing) problems. No family is isolated. Families have to interact with each other,...


Fear was our number two theme in Divergent. It's dropped in the ranks a bit, because in Insurgent, fear is not as much of a factor for either Tris or Tobias, who are learning to cope with their fea...

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