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Interview with the Vampire

Interview with the Vampire


by Anne Rice

Interview with the Vampire Questions

  1. After hearing Louis's story, would you want to be a vampire?
  2. Why do you think the boy is interviewing the vampire? What does he expect to learn? What do you think he will do with the tapes?
  3. Why does Louis want to see Lestat one last time? Do you think their paths will ever cross again?
  4. Are vampires inherently evil?
  5. Are the "civilized" vampires of Paris all that different from the primitive vampires of Eastern Europe?
  6. Is Louis, as a vampire, capable of love? Does he actually love Claudia or Armand? Could he possibly love Lestat?
  7. If Claudia hadn't been killed, how do you think her life would have turned out? Would Louis have left her? What would she and Madeleine have done?
  8. If you've seen the movie, does it match your vision of the book? How do you feel about the casting? (News flash: Anne Rice initially hated it.)

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