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Interview with the Vampire

Interview with the Vampire


Anne Rice

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Interview with the Vampire Themes

Interview with the Vampire Themes


Unless you're that lady on My Strange Addiction, the main benefit to being a vampire would be the whole immortality thing. The drinking blood would be a drawback.However, by the end of Louis's stor...

Good vs. Evil

As The Shadow says, "Who knows what evil lies within the hearts of men?"This is an easy question compared to: "Who knows what evil lies within the hearts of vampires?" If this quote were be on the...

Wisdom and Knowledge

You know that vampires suffer from an intense, eternal craving… a craving for human blood. But in Interview the Vampire, Louis is driven by something else. The primary motivation for most of Loui...


Brooding is a characteristic of any emotional vampire (dark trench coat optional) in Interview with the Vampire, and the reason for all this moping seems to be one thing: dissatisfaction. Vampires...


Hate might seem like an obvious choice of theme for a book about vampires. They drink the blood of people, killing them. Of course they're filled with hate, right?Well, they are. But not in the way...


You might say I love you forever to someone and mean it. But when you're a vampire, forever is a really, really long time. Nothing is ever simple with vampires. Love, like anything else, is complic...


Anne Rice isn't just famous for vampires. She's also famous for erotica, the kind that would make Fifty Shades author E.L. James blush. Although Rice wrote her famous erotica trilogy after writing...


Vampires are like cats. They like to toy with their victims, their masters, and with others. When you live forever, you have to find some way to entertain yourself, and what better way than to play...

The Supernatural

In Interview with the Vampire,Anne Rice is the Mythbuster of vampire lore. Myth: Vampires can be killed by a stake to the heart. Busted! Myth: Vampires are frightened away by crucifixes and other i...

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