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Introduction to Poetry

Introduction to Poetry


by Billy Collins

Introduction to Poetry Resources


Billy's Home Page

Home to all things Billy.

Billy Collins at the Poetry Foundation

An excellent biography and much more. These folks know what they're doing.


Billy's page on this site has a few more biographical tidbits, and even a few audio recordings.

Billy's Poetry Project

Teachers, take note! Organized by Collins during his time as U.S. Poet Laureate, Poetry 180 helps teachers and students to incorporate poetry into the school day.


Animated Poem

Someone alert Pixar. This short, animated film set to Billy Collins reading his poem, "Forgetfulness," has got serious game.

"The Dead"

Same poet, different animator, very different poem.


"Introduction to Poetry"

Hear Billy read it himself, with some undeservedly tepid applause at the end. Come on, folks, show some enthusiasm.

"The Teacher"

Like what you heard in "Intro"? Then try this version of "The Teacher."

Billy Collins Lecture

Collins giving a talk titled, "Dear Reader" at the Key West literary seminar—he's talking to you!


Billy at the Beach

It's not an albino Bengal tiger or a blue whale, but it is a picture of something almost as rare… a rich poet.

Articles and Interviews

Paris Review Interview

Billy answers some tough questions (and some easy ones, too).


The Trouble with Poetry

Oh poetry. Must you make such mischief?

The Apple that Astonished Paris

See "Introduction to Poetry" in the wild, a.k.a. in the book in which it was originally published.

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