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Invisible Man

Invisible Man


by Ralph Ellison

Brother Jack Timeline and Summary

  • Brother Jack hears the narrator speak at the Provos' eviction. He follows him across rooftops and invites him to coffee and cheesecake.
  • Brother Jack introduces the vague idea of the Brotherhood to the narrator. He gives the narrator his contact info.
  • Brother Jack doesn't sound surprised to receive the narrator's call. He and some other brothers pick the narrator up before taking him to the Chthonian. Brother Jack has Emma give the narrator his new name.
  • Brother Jack tells the narrator that he could be the new Booker T. Washington. He tells the narrator to break contact from friends and family. He gives the narrator the address for his new apartment (equipped with readings on the Brotherhood). Brother Jack also has Emma give the narrator 300 bucks, and tells the narrator that his weekly salary will be 60 dollars, which is a lot back then.
  • Brother Jack introduces the narrator to everyone at the get-together and denounces a man who asks the narrator to sing.
  • Brother Jack picks up the narrator and takes him to a warehouse where he will deliver his test speech. Brother Jack warns the narrator about getting too far away from the Brotherhood discipline.
  • Brother Jack meets the narrator at a bar four months later. He tells him that he is the new spokesman for the Harlem District.
  • Brother Jack takes him to the district office, introduces him to Brother Tarp, and shows him to his office.
  • Brother Jack warns everyone that the Brotherhood does not stand for violence at the meeting the next morning.
  • Brother Jack sends the narrator an anonymous letter warning him against moving too fast, saying it'll make people uncomfortable and suspicious.
  • Brother Jack leads an interrogation against the narrator. He tells him that he can either be an inactive member in Harlem or go downtown to work on the Women Question.
  • Brother Jack ridicules the narrator for treating Clifton's death like a celebration for a hero. In the excitement, his false eyeball pops out. He proudly tells the narrator that he lost his eye as a sacrifice.
  • Jack tells the narrator to visit Hambro for further directions.
  • Brother Jack has a two-day birthday celebration.
  • The narrator dreams that Brother Jack and other men hold him down and dig out his eyeballs, flinging them into the surrounding black water. Instead, the eyeballs get caught on the bridge and drip red into the water.