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Invisible Man

Invisible Man


by Ralph Ellison

Sybil Timeline and Summary

  • The narrator meets Sybil at Brother Jack's birthday celebration and decides her unhappiness makes her a good informant. She is also married to one of the higher-ups in the Brotherhood.
  • Sybil allows the narrator to see her home. They set up a date for the following night at 9pm.
  • Sybil goes to the narrator's apartment.
  • She wants alcohol and sex. In that order.
  • Sybil then whispers a rape fantasy to the narrator; she got this fantasy from one of her friends. She is entranced by the idea of being roughed up.
  • The narrator continues mixing drinks for her until she passes out drunk. The narrator uses lipstick to write that Santa Claus has raped her on her stomach.
  • When she comes to, she asks the narrator if he did the deed. She says she can't remember any of it and wants to know whether he'll agree to it again.
  • The narrator pours another drink for Sybil.
  • Sybil asks the narrator not to pick up the phone after they both pass out one more time.
  • Sybil reluctantly goes with the narrator on the search for a cab. She wants to stay with him. She gets a cab on her own but follows the narrator where he goes. She is eventually sent back home alone while the narrator takes a bus to Harlem.