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The Invisible Man
The Invisible Man
by H.G. Wells
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The Invisible Man Chapter 16 Summary

The Jolly Cricketers

  • In the town of Burdock, at a pub called The Jolly Cricketers, a bunch of people are chatting.
  • Suddenly, Marvel bursts in to the pub, yelling for people to save him from the Invisible Man. The Invisible Man is definitely there, because someone is breaking windows (the IM's favorite pastime.) The bartender hides Marvel in a backroom and an American with a gun gets ready to shoot the Invisible Man when he comes in the front door. (Thank you, America.)
  • The Invisible Man, suddenly sneaky, goes in through the back door. He begins to attack Marvel, but the other men in the pub rescue him in time.
  • The guy with the gun fires it carefully and is sure he hit the Invisible Man. He tells everyone to go feel for his invisible body.
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