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The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man


by H.G. Wells

The Invisible Man Chapter 18 Summary

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The Invisible Man Sleeps

  • After Griffin makes sure the bedroom is secure and after Kemp promises not to turn him in, Griffin goes to sleep.
  • Kemp can't sleep right now. For one thing, he's worried briefly about his sanity (was that really an invisible Griffin?). For another thing, Griffin took his bedroom.
  • Instead, Kemp spends some time reading the newspapers from that day. The top news story is about a dangerous invisible man. Kemp remembers all the way back to Chapter 16 and he wonders why Griffin was chasing that tramp. That didn't look like innocent fun.
  • Kemp worries that Griffin may become more unstable and dangerous. He hesitates, but eventually decides to write a note to Colonel Adye. (Perhaps it's a love letter? We won't find out until later.)
  • Then he hears Griffin wake up. As usual, Griffin starts his day off by tossing some furniture around. It's good exercise – like yoga for mad scientists.
READ THE BOOK: Chapter 18

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