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The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man


by H.G. Wells

The Invisible Man Chapter 24 Summary

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The Plan that Failed

  • Kemp sees some people coming up the hill to his house, so he tries to keep Griffin talking.
  • Griffin says he had planned to go someplace warm, like South America, where he wouldn't have to wear clothes (at least not during spring break).
  • But since he met Kemp, he's changed his plans. Griffin now realizes how little one person can do on his own.
  • Invisibility is especially useful for killing people, so Griffin plans to establish a new Reign of Terror (24.28) – with Kemp's help, of course.
  • First, though, he needs to get his books back from Marvel, who is locked up at the jail for his own safety.
  • Suddenly, Griffin hears some people sneaking up in the house, and he realizes that Kemp has betrayed him.
  • Sad and angry, Griffin takes off his clothes. (What? Is that not what you do when you're sad and angry?)
  • Kemp tries to capture Griffin with the help of the three men, including Colonel Adye, the police captain who got Kemp's letter in Chapter 18. (So it wasn't a love letter after all.)
  • Griffin pushes past them (with as much violence as he can) and escapes.
READ THE BOOK: Chapter 24

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