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The Invisible Man
The Invisible Man
by H.G. Wells
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The Invisible Man Chapter 25 Summary

The Hunting of the Invisible Man

  • Kemp explains to Adye that they have to take measures against Griffin because he's insane, a person of "pure selfishness" (25.2).
  • They have some advantages, though. For one thing, they know that Griffin wants to get to Marvel and his stolen books.
  • Also, Griffin basically told Kemp his life story, so they have all that information. Kemp knows that they can keep him unstable by making sure he doesn't get a moment to eat or sleep. And of course, he knows that they can use dogs against Griffin.
  • Kemp even suggests that they put powdered glass on the roads, but Adye objects that "[i]t's unsportsmanlike" (25.17). At least someone's worried about that.
  • Kemp counters that Griffin is inhuman, that "[h]e has cut himself off from his kind. His blood be upon his own head" (25.18). Man, we wish we could think of a joke to put here, but this is dark.
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