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The Invisible Man
The Invisible Man
by H.G. Wells
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The Invisible Man Chapter 9 Summary

Mr. Thomas Marvel

  • Now we're introduced to the guy whose last name we wish we had: Mr. Marvel. You might think he's a superhero, but really he's just a tramp – a homeless, jobless guy who wanders around. Marvel wears a shabby high hat, and we first meet him considering two pairs of boots, both probably given to him as charity.
  • As he ponders the boots, Marvel hears a voice, but he can't see who's talking. So, of course, he wonders if he's drunk or crazy.
  • To prove that he's real and just invisible, the voice starts throwing rocks at Marvel. Nice strategy.
  • When Marvel is finally convinced that there might actually be someone there, he is able to make out some bread and cheese in front of him. Aha!
  • The Invisible Man explains that he needs Marvel's help. He knows Marvel is also an outcast, plus he promises to reward the homeless man for helping him. He explains, "An invisible man is a man of power." Then he sneezes. Nice.
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