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The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man


by H.G. Wells

The Invisible Man (a.k.a. Griffin, the Stranger) Timeline and Summary

  • Griffin comes to Iping sometime in February and takes a room in the Coach and Horses. Teddy Henfrey suspects him of being a criminal. Well, that was a quick judgment.
  • The next day, Griffin gets his luggage from the station.
  • He lives and researches in Iping until the Whitsuntide festival, around late May.
  • Griffin starts doing some not-so-great things: he scares Cuss on Whit Sunday, and that night, he robs the vicarage. He's nearly caught by the Halls, but he gets away.
  • On Whit Monday, he reveals himself (as invisible) to the Iping village.
  • That afternoon, Griffin recruits Marvel and goes back to Iping to get his stuff.
  • He heads to Port Stowe with Marvel, where he spends most of Tuesday robbing places.
  • In the early evening (of Tuesday?), Griffin chases Marvel but fails to catch him and is driven off.
  • That night, he finds Kemp by accident, and he spends the next morning telling his story to Kemp.
  • Here's the story: six years ago, at the age of 22, Griffin left University College for Chesilstowe, where he taught and researched physics.
  • After three years, he realized he needed more money, so he stole money from his dad, which led to his dad's suicide.
  • Now that he had the money, though, Griffin created an invisibility formula. Success! Just after, he got into a fight with his landlord, became invisible, and burned down his apartment building.
  • He had some invisible adventures around London, including running into a Salvation Army march, unsuccessfully trying to rob a department store, and successfully robbing a costume shop.
  • End of story. But at this point, it becomes clear that Kemp has betrayed him. Luckily, he is able to escape.
  • For the next twenty-four hours, Griffin is hunted, kills Wicksteed, and somehow finds shelter.
  • He lays siege to Kemp's house sometime after lunch (on Thursday?), but is eventually killed by a crowd. That's not the way a character would probably want his timeline to end.