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The Invisible Man
The Invisible Man
by H.G. Wells
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The Invisible Man Wealth Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

"If the straw makes trouble put it down in the bill." (3.28)

Notice how important money is in the first few chapters. When he comes in to the inn, one of the first things the Invisible Man does is give Mrs. Hall some money (1.1). Whenever he makes a mess in the inn, he offers to pay extra (3.37). It's not like the Invisible Man has any personal charm here. All he has to smooth things over with Mrs. Hall is his money.

Quote #2

"He may be a bit overbearing, but bills settled punctual is bills settled punctual, whatever you like to say." (4.1)

The Invisible Man's money is important for his relationship with Mrs. Hall. Whatever else is wrong with the stranger, at least he pays his bills. Mo' money, less problems.

Quote #3

They heard the chink of money, and realised that the robber had found the housekeeping reserve of gold—two pounds ten in half sovereigns altogether. At that sound Mr. Bunting was nerved to abrupt action. (5.4)

Even the vicar is interested in money. Does he ever talk about God or about morality? Not really...

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