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Interview with Io

Shmoop's crack team of P.I.s has hacked into Io's phone and copied a transcript of all of her texts. Check it out, but don't expect anything too pleasant.


                                November 28, 4:00 AM

Nobody's buying that you
became Isis. I don't know
why you keep trying to
pretend like you're a real
goddess like me.

                                                   Do you know how late it is?

Real goddesses don't sleep.

                                                   I don't care what you think.
                                                   I'm in Egypt now. Out of
                                                   your jurisdiction.

Real goddesses don't have

                                                   Going to sleep.

We'll see about that.

                              November 28, 4:30 AM

                                                   Quit it!!!!!! SEnnnnd it


                                                   SEND IT AWAY RIGHT

Whatever do you mean?

                                                   THE STUPID GADFLY!

Oh, thought you might miss
your old friend. Especially
since you're sleeping alone
these nights, instead of with
my husband.


Yeah, that one's for Argus!

                                                   I didn't kill him! Your husband
                                                   had Hermes


                                                   Hermes do it.

Because of you!

                                                   Blame Zeus! Take it out on


                                November 28, 4:33 AM

                                                   GET AHOLD OF YOUR WIFE!

What's up babe?

                                                   DON'T CALL ME BABE AND
                                                   GET YOUR WIFE TO CALL
                                                   OFF THIS STUPID GADFLY.

Hmm, I thought I took care
of this already.

                                                   Apparently, she's had a relapse.

I know. Why don't I turn you
into a white cow. Then she'll
never know it's you.

                                                   Yeah, that worked real well

How about a brown cow?

                                                   GET HER TO CALL THIS
                                                   OFF OR I WILL SUMMON
                                                   EVERY GOD, DEMON,
                                                   AND MONSTER OF
                                                   EGYPT TO DESTROY
                                                   OLYMPUS! I'M NOT
                                                   GOING THROUGH THIS
                                                   AGAIN! I'M NOT! I'M
                                                   NOT! I'M NOT!

Black cow?



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