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Iris Photos

    Is This a Dream?
    Here I am waking up Morpheus, the god of dreams. He always oversleeps. [Morpheus and Iris by Guerin Pierre Narcisse, 1811]

    Water Delivery Service
    They like to swear on the water of the River Styx up on Olympus, so I often have to head down to the Underworld and fetch some. [Iris by Guy Head, 1793]

    My Head Honcho
    Hera gets a bad reputation, but she's always been a good boss to me. [Roman fresco depicting the punishment of Ixion]

    Poor Turnus
    I felt a little bad about inspiring Turnus to go to war against Aeneas. [Iris Sent to Turnus by Juno by Claudio Francesco Beaumont, 1700s]

    Poor Dido
    It was a sad task to help take Dido's soul from her body. Love stinks. [The Suicide of Dido, woodblock print, 1502]

    Beautiful Me
    I don't mean to be vain, but I am seriously gorgeous. [Photograph taken by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, 1991]