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Iris Sightings

  • The Iliad by Homer 800BC - 700BC

    Iris barely got a chance to sit down during the Trojan War. Check out Homer's epic account if you don't believe us.

  • Theogony by Hesiod 800BC - 700BC

    Hesiod gives you the low down on the birth of Iris and her sisters, the Harpies, in this ancient epic poem.

  • Heracles by Euripides 421BC - 415BC

    In this tragedy, the rainbow goddess is totally freaked out when Heracles goes crazy and kills his kids.

  • The Birds by Aristophanes 414BC

    Iris runs into some foul-mouthed fowl in this ancient comedy.

  • The Argonautica by Apollonius Rhodius 300BC - 200BC

    Iris saves her sisters, the Harpies, from the flying Boread brothers in this ancient poem, which tells the story of the quest for the Golden Fleece.

  • The Argonautica by Valerius Flaccus 100BC - 1BC

    The rainbow goddess shines again in this other version of the Quest for the Golden Fleece by the author often recognized for having the most ridiculous name ever.

  • The Aeneid by Virgil 29BC - 19BC

    In this epic Roman poem, the gods have Iris hard at work, delivering messages all through Aeneas's quest for Italy.

  • The Metamorphoses by Ovid 2

    Hera sends Iris to get the help of Hypnos, the drowsy god of sleep, in this epic collection of poems.

  • The Tempest by William Shakespeare 1610 - 1611

    Iris makes an appearance on stage in a play within a play in this Shakespeare masterpiece.

  • The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan 2011

    Iris helps Percy Jackson and starts her own organic food store in this (clearly awesome) novel for young adults.